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From sherman <>
Subject multiple redirector for IIS (SSL and non-SSL)
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2000 00:58:52 GMT
I would like to use tomcat with IIS, but need to serve both secure
(credit cards) and unsecured servlets (for performance). It seems
apparent that you can only map in one instance of the Jakarta Isapi
Redirector. I tried playing around with creating multiple "jakarta"
virtual directories inside other "dummy" virtual directories (e.g.
/unsecured/examples/jsp/index.html vs. /secured/examples/jsp/index.html)
but it didn't work. In the archives for the email list, I see that a
"Jens" was working on a potential enhancement  that might be a valid
work-around for this issue . Anyone know wassup, or have another
work-around ?


-- Sherman

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