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From Christian Wenz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.2 beta and PHP
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 19:45:19 GMT
Hi Olivier,

the version not working was 4.0.1 - if I remember correctly. I tried it of course
in a very unstable environment (Win98, Microsoft's own PWS, old JDK 1.1.8) and had
no luck (however all versions from 4.0beta to 4.0.0 worked really fine, and
chances that I made some mistakes when replacing the appropriate files are minimal
;) ); under WinNT/Apache the system ran stable for about one minute ... The
strange thing was that Sam Ruby couldn't reproduce the crashes, other users
couldn't reproduce the crashed, however I always "succeeded" on all systems I
tried. The later versions however work like a charm (ok, most of the time :) ). I
think it's a great piece of code from Sam :-)


Olivier Baillard wrote:

> I'am happy to see someone else in the world has tried to use PHP and Tomcat
> together.
> Sooo!! Which version of PHP work (or doesn't work) on Windows?

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