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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Where is the webdav support for jakarta-tomcat-4.0-20001103.tar.gz
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2000 17:58:53 GMT
Ray Allis wrote:

> (Which BTW is the last real dev snapshot. 1104 on are 1k.)

Yah, there's a bug in the build process that will be addressed as soon
as we put the 3.2 release issue to bed.

> webdav/index.html says:
> "Tomcat 4.0 includes built-in support for WebDAV level 2, which
> enables remote authoring of the website. You can test these
> capabilities using a WebDAV client like MS WebFolders (included
> with IE 4.0 and up), MS Office 2000, DAV Explorer (others are
> listed on the webpages linked below), and point to the /webdav
> path of the server.
> This test context is DAV enabled, but has been set up in read-only
> mode for safety reasons. It can be put in read-write mode by editing
> the web application descriptor file (WEB-INF/web.xml)."
> Is webdav in the dev queue?  No harassment meant, just curious. :-)

It's actually present in the Tomcat 4.0 milestone 4 release.  If you
start up Tomcat and point your browser at http://localhost:8080, you
will see a hyperlink to a webdav enabled context.  By default, this is
read only but can be adjusted by parameters in the web.xml file to
become read-write.

> Ray Allis

Craig McClanahan

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