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From John Gentilin <>
Subject Help, Possible fin_wait2 problem with Tomcat 3.1
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 09:00:28 GMT
I am running a load test of my servlet running Tomcat 3.1, RedHat 6..2,
Sun JDK 1.2.2, and Xerces 1.2.1. The client is a Java Application that
sending messages to the server using URLConnection. When the test is
running for 10-20K iterations, the client will throw and occasional
stating that the "File was not found" with the filename being the URL
I use to connect to my servlet. A little hunting around lead me to an
about Apache Server and a Fin_Wait2 problem. I ran netstat and there
at any one time, 700+ connections in Fin_Wait2. Now my test app is
one transaction at a time so I would only expect to see one or at most
a few open connections. I realize that this could be an operating system
but I was hoping someone out there has seen this problem and knows of a
fix / workaround.

Other (important) info:
I am servicing my servlet with HttpServlet#service and not doPost/doGet.

The unit test is running on the same computer as the servlet using a
host connection.
The connection is directly through Tomcat and not through Apache.

Apache Server Article

John Gentilin

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