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From Cheng-Wei Cheng <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 3.2 beta and PHP
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 17:52:35 GMT
heck yeh.. 
please let me know how you did it

I am looking for way to beat the
heck out of the evil m$ .NET model
which is intended to have common
component model shared between
different language compiled into
a intermediate language. B.S....

with python we have
with php we have the php java link
and with perl.. I am sure there is
a link somewhere.. 

ideally I would like to see

  mod_php -> php4-java-orb link

using jboss
accessing postgres

co-exist as one server
accessing EJB/Servlet/CORBA
middleware objects..

I have been working on the same
line but php4 is just too much a
pain to get most of the extension 
up correctly....

plz.. your answer would be extremely helpful


-----Original Message-----
From: Olivier Baillard []
Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2000 9:14 AM
Subject: Tomcat 3.2 beta and PHP


I would kike to know if somebody already have some experience with tomcat 
and PHP working as serlet (with Tomcat). If somebody has some interest, I 
would be happy to exchange my own experience. I get PHP to work with Tomcat 
3.2 beta 7 on Linux with Java extension. You can exchange data between PHP 
and Tomcat, use Java classes/beans. I know, some people will say me : use 
JSP, you stupid idiot!!!!!! But the purpose of it is to use the flexibility 
of PHP (whith html) and the power of Java together. Later we will connect 
our Web-Application with some Software of us.

So, if someone hat interest, let me know...

O. Baillard

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