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From Josh Knowles <>
Subject RE: temporary page
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 19:42:14 GMT
Another idea would be to use forward to forward them to a temp page.  The
servlet would still have control and could finish working and then forward
or redirect to the final page.

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From: Sayles, Scott SAXONHQ []
Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 11:08 AM
To: ''
Cc: ''
Subject: RE: temporary page

Here's another possibility:

Send a response and display something like "Working Please wait" and
continually flush out a little bit of text at a time like "....." during
processing.  When you're done processing, you could display a javascript
call like the following.

<script language="javascript">

Of course, you'll want to make sure not to enclose the message inside a
table.  Typically, a browser won't display a table until it has all of it.

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From: Gianluca []
Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 11:14 AM
To: tomcat-user
Subject: temporary page

how can i send to the browser a temporary html page from servlet invoked
with post method while it is woking ?
i want that only after my servlet has finished it will response with a
sendRedirect method to the client.
Is it possible that ?


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