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From David Bussenschutt <>
Subject Q's: running tomcat as 'nobody', and thousands of servlet context entries
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 03:31:09 GMT
Hi All,

I've read the tomcat-apache howto at:
(and also the users-guide, the mod_jk howto, the list archives etc etc.)

I have installed: linux 2.2.14 ; apache 1.3.12 (mod_ssl & php4  & mod_so
statically linked; mod_jk, etc etc dyn. linked); tomcat 3.2beta8 (milestone
release) ; mod_jk compiled and installed


When I run tomcat as 'nobody' as suggested in the above howto document, I
was initially getting all sorts of problems with 'nobody' not having
permission to write the log files etc, but with that all fixed, I now get
the following jsp errors from tomcat on startup:  
cannot load servlet name: jsp
cannot load servlet name: jsp
cannot load
servlet name:

but it doesn't seem to prevent the example jsp and servlets from working 
(once the log file permissions are fixed) ... what does it mean?

When I run tomcat as 'root' these problems don't exist, and the jsp and
servlet examples run fine.

So, can you give me any hints as to what the problem might be?


I have another server I wish to install this on, and it has about 3500
users (students) that will all be wanting to use servlets/jsp in their
projects.  They all get http://localhost/~username/ access to their pages,
and also get cgi access through a global apache directive of :
ScriptAliasMatch ^/([^/]+)-bin(.*) /home/$1/cgi-bin$2
which allows cgi's within their own ~username space. 
(seen as http://localhost/~username-bin/ and available in the file
heirarchy as ~username/cgi-bin/ )

How do I go about giving them access to run servlets from their ~username
space?  eg:
(seen as http://localhost/~username-servlet/ and available in their own
home as ~username/servlet/ ??? )
It's not practical to create 3500 Context entries into the server.xml, one
for each user, so how might I go about this?

Also, How do I go about giving them access to run jsp from their username
Is it as simple as adding a directive somewhere saying that all *.jsp files
are redirected to the JVM? If so I must have mussed that in the
documentation somewhere...?



P.S. These might be good questions to add to your original 'apache-tomcat'
howto, or to a FAQ someplace, assuming you have an answer... ;-)

David Bussenschutt          Email:
Senior Computing Support Officer & Systems Administrator/Programmer
Location: Griffith University. Information Technology Services
          Brisbane Qld. Aust.  (TEN bldg. rm 1.33) Ph: (07)38757079

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