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From Stefán F. Stefánsson <>
Subject RE: Multiple Tomcats with SSL?
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 08:53:52 GMT
I don't think you can do that with Tomcat 3.1 (running standalone it
doesn't support SSL and I haven't tried connecting it to an SSL Apache).
So I think your best bet would be to get Tomcat 3.2b7.  I know... it's
still beta but everyone around here seem to be saying that it's much
better than even the release of 3.1 (apart from the fact that 3.1
doesn't support SSL on the standalone).

If you decide to use 3.2 you have to configure your server.xml so that
you add connectors for each port.  Each connector tag needs to look
something like this:

            <Parameter name="handler"
            <Parameter name="port"
            <Parameter name="socketFactory"
                value="" />
	      <Parameter name="secure"
	      <Parameter name="clientAuth"
	      <Parameter name="keystore"
	          value="C:/Documents and Settings/stefanf/.keystore" />
	      <Parameter name="keypass"
		      value="mypassword" />

There are a few things to keep in mind if you do this:
1)	You have to build Tomcat from source and make sure you have all
JSSE jars in your classpath.  The binary version is built on a setup
that does not have JSSE (nobody seems to know why...)
2)	Before you build the source version of Tomcat you need to change
your file.
3)	You need to generate a keystore which keeps your server
certificate under the alias Tomcat.

These information can be found in the server.xml document.  Just check
it out if you need more info.

Regards, Stefan

-----Original Message-----
From: Terence Ang []
Sent: 17. nóvember 2000 01:53
Subject: Multiple Tomcats with SSL?

Dear All,

Could anyone suggest whether there is a way to allow multiple instance
tomcats with SSL so that the developer could develop under different
ports with 
SSL enabled?


We are using
a. RedHat 6.2
b. Tomcat 3.1 (Running standalone currently)
c. Apache 1.3.12/ModSSL 2.6.6/OpenSSL 0.9.5a (Installed but not enabled)


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