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From Serg Velikanov <>
Subject Re: Tomcat & Cache
Date Sat, 25 Nov 2000 20:29:11 GMT
Hello zys,

Saturday, November 25, 2000, 9:07:00 PM, you wrote:

z> I am trying a jsp file, however if I change in the jsp file
z> this modification is not taken by TOMCAT eventhough I
z> shutdown & restart it and delete all *.java , *.class TOMCAT
z> has generated for my jsp file.

z> Did anyone faced such problem?

z> regards

This is not a problem it's just a JSP spec about include directive and
include action. This issue have been
explained by Hans Bergsten, the author of JavaServer Pages from
Oreilly. You can read this online in Han's Top Ten JSP Tips,
 as I do at following URL As for me it is
 very profitable to read so.

Best regards,

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