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From "Frank Lalone" <>
Subject Tomcat 3.1
Date Sun, 26 Nov 2000 07:53:05 GMT
> If you start up a browser on your server machine and enter this URL, "
> http:\\ localhost:8080\", what do you get?

Tomcat runs fine on it's own. I am having problems getting it work with
Apache Web Server.   I have switched from 1.3.6 to 1.3.12 and have it some
what working.   Now It works 80% of the time.  The other 20 percent,  my
server will try looking up my machines local host address instead of my IP
address that is assigned to me by my ISP on my dedicated connection.   My
Local address  will not resovle on my WAN.  I use an ISDN modem and for many
technical reasons it had to be set up this way.

If you type in my address         it will
most of the time come up right running servlets and .jsp files.   But some
times it will look up the address "
(franks is my node name, and is my local host address, is my Static IP address with my Domains being Pointed down
for my Vhost <people my Domains and this IP to access my machine, not>)  which it can't find (now could it can only be
resolved on my localhost)       What is causing this to happen?  it only
does it part of the time and other times works fine?  It makes it far to
unrealiable for a commercial web site as I need to use it for)

can anyone on here make sense out of this problem and help me resovle this?
Tomcat runnning on it's own on port, 8080, never has this problem, it's only
when using port 80 from apache.

I am using Unixware 7.1.1 with Apache 1.3.12, and tomcat 3.1.

Thank You very Much
Frank LaLone

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