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From Jim Richards <>
Subject Re: Pages being cached
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 08:26:59 GMT

(This has been cross posted to tomcat-user, as it seems to be a
tomcat issue rather then a struts issue.)

I have found that this behaviour is *not* replicated when using 
Tomcat's built in HTTP server. I need to do some deep
experimentation, and install tomcat-3.2b8 as well.

I'll let you all know how it goes.

>>> I'm getting weird behaviour with my struts code, and with the example
>>> application.
>>Once during testing I noticed that pages seemed to be served at random..
>>Then I shut down httpd and then shut down tomcat.
>>Thereafter I restarted tomcat and then restarted htttpd.
>>Then everything worked.
>>So I've concluded that when I want to restart tomcat, I've to
>>first stop httpd, then tomcat, then start tomcat and then start httpd.
>>I'm not sure if I should restart tomcat when I just want to restart httpd.
>I have to restart Tomcat and Apache to get anything to work. It doesn't
>help. Once my application has compiled the three pages it has in it,
>(that is viewed them) it starts freaking out. Going through the documentation
>doesn't seem a problem, so long as that's all I do. It happens with the
>example application, with everything.

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