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From Wyn Easton <>
Subject Please Look - 3.2 beta 7 problem - RequestDispatcher include()
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 11:24:06 GMT
Are you not suppose to mix URL access with a RequestDispatcher?

Also, in 3.2 beta 6 I could do an include() then a forward().
Now in 3.2 beta 7 I get an illegalState error on the forward()
because of an open outputstream.  I'm not opening an output stream.
The include() must be doing it. 

--- Wyn Easton <> wrote:
> I'm having this problem on 3.2 beta 7
> The exact text of the  exception is:
> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Short Read
> This Exception is being generated in in the
> parsePostData() method.
> Here is what is happening:
> I'm opening a HttpURLConnection to servlet_A that has been set to use
> the POST method by calling setRequestMethod("POST") for the
> HttpURLConnection. In servlet_A I get a ServletInputStream and
> read from the HttpURLConnection.
> I then get an ServletOutputStream from the response.
> I then get a RequestDispatcher for servlet_B.
> When I call the include() method I get the exception mentioned
> because parsePostData() in HttpUtils tries to read "len" number
> of bytes from the ServletInputStream "in" and there is nothing
> to read. I changed parsePostData() in HttpUtils to return an
> empty Hashtable for this case and it worked fine. 
> (Maybe this is how this should work since nothing read means no
> parameters in the POST data. Even if the len is greater than 0.)
> However, if I try to use the ServletOutputStream after returning
> to servlet_A from servlet_B nothing is written to the original
> HttpURLConnection.  I don't know if the ServletOutputStream is
> being closed when I return from the include(). I don't get an
> Exception when writing to the ServletOutputStream. I just don't
> get any data at the listening end of the HttpURLConnection.
> I'm going to modify my code to use the include() instead of
> the HttpURLConnection, but shouldn't it work either way?
> Thanks.
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> Wyn Easton
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Wyn Easton

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