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From Anton Betha <>
Subject Basics about apache/tomcat
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2000 10:42:50 GMT
Hi everybody!
Most of you should know my name now... ;-)

I try to install tomcat to work with apache (that's
all I want, no standalone or software development)
since 2 weeks.
First I had a problem with an error like "port must be
TRUE or FALSE", my workaround ended in an error, that
the secret file could not be opend. Then I tried to
recompile the, I got no compile error,
but I don't work yet, starting apache, I get an
undefined symbol: jserv_error_exit.

After all I don't know anything. Maybe I was on the
wrong way, so could somebode please answer the
following questions (and maybe give more details, if
I use Suse Linux 6.4 (1.1.14), apache should be 1.3.12
In which order do I have to install the software.
Which jdk is needed (I think one is needed...) - I
downloaded JDK1.2.2
Do I have to install JServ (Suse offers 1.1)?!
If i install JServ via yast, yast also installs
JDK1.1.7 - I think that's not good?!
I don't need JSDK, right?!
Which tomcat should I use? - I tried tomcat 3.1 (I
used the binary version, for my compiling-tests I also
downloaded the source).
Do I have to set any PATHes?! (if yes, I'd like to get
sure: How do I do that it stays after reboot?)
My's (JServ and tomcat) both give an
error: "DSO ... uses plain Apache 1.3 API, this might
crash under EAPI! (pleae recompile it with -DEAPI),
jserv with JSDK still works fine, but could this be
the reason for the crashes with tomcat?
If yes: What do I need to recompile it (so that it
works), jdk, pathes, comilers....
How do I use tomcat-apache.conf, it wants to load the So I tried to load tomcat.conf and, is that OK?!

That's a long list, I would be very nice, if someone
would answer.
Thanks to all, who kept reading until this line ;-)


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