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From Chris Francis <>
Subject Tomcat3.1 & solaris2.7 - Tomcat threading problem?
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 11:43:12 GMT

Hi All,

I'm having some problems with Tomcat. I'm pretty sure it's Tomcat anyway. 
The symptoms are whenever I start my service the machine locks up regularly
for a few seconds then comes alive again. It looks like a thread is trying
to hog 
the processor but Solaris being the nice OS that it is won't let it do this
all the
The system architecture is reported as 
SUNW, Ultra-80, sparc SUN4U.
Sun OS release 5.7, Generic_106541-12
Num processors 4, 
Physical RAM 1024 MB. 
(Yep, it's a biggy!).
Although on the case we have it as an R420 Enterprise machine (confused? I

The service itself is quite straightforward, it doesn't create any of its
threads. Just request / response stuff.  
However the services do continue continue to run properly, just with some 
time lag whenever the machine freezes. 

So has anyone seen this behaviour with Tomcat before? 


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