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From Mauricio Nuñez <>
Subject Help with virtual hosting and Tomcat 3.1
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 14:22:50 GMT
Hi all:

I need to validate our configuration, and i need your help!

Apache 1.2.13
Tomcat 3.1

When we load apache, its send a message about recompile mod_jserv, where i
find the source code for this... and what is the command line, please  :-)
(I'm only a project manager)

We have 4 domain, running under apache 1.3.12 with Virtual host, and each
host working with an instance of Tomcat.
Each instance of tomcat is loaded with the following command:

./ -f ../conf/site1.xml
./ -f ../conf/site2.xml
./ -f ../conf/site3.xml
./ -f ../conf/site4.xml

Our directory structure is aprox the following :


When i run site1, the script load also site2,3 and 4 , but no is the
behavior we are seeking.
It is an error in our configuration?
Must i create 4 different tomcat directories?


It's lot of  question, but i'm very complicated, and actually i am under
high pression. My brain is tired.... :-(


P.S: My english skill is very weak I'm learning. Sorry.

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