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From Alex Belyansky <>
Subject reading .war archives question
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 17:33:50 GMT
Does anyone know if tomcat supports the actual reading of archives? If so 
how would I change the configuration to make that work?
I am trying to setup a context directive in server.xml so that files and 
servlets from a war file, located in a directory other than webapps, are 
read. I am using Tomcat 3.1 on Windows NT.
This is the snipet from the config :

<Context path="/examples" docBase="d:\ZeoSoft\examples"
		defaultSessionTimeOut="30" isWARExpanded="true"
		isWarValidated="false" isInvokerEnabled="true"
		isWorkDirPersistent="false" >


Also, how can you force tomcat to autoexpand an archive that is not in 

thanks for your help,

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