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From "Miles Daffin" <>
Subject Portability & other issues of the minute.
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 00:27:32 GMT
Hello to all those treading the Tomcat user trail,

1: Fully encapsulated webapps...

> >
> > Because we're trying to write nice well-behaved webapps, we don't want
> > have to change a global setting, only a local-to-webapp setting.
> >

Is it possible to set the access control stuff on a webapp local scope? I am
talking about the stuff currently defined in 'tomcat-users.xml'.

It would be better in my opinion.

2: Load on start up - funny numbers

Why -2147483646 here (taken from the servlet entry in main web.xml for
and 5 in the example web.xml in the doc\appdev directory?

3: How can I use ANT to compile my JSPs so I can debugger them without
having to go through TOMCAT??
This would be a really useful trick. I have been trying in vain to get
Jasper to do this.


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