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From Ritwick Dhar <ritwic...@EASTPOINT.COM>
Subject RE: HANDLER THREAD PROBLEM: Stream closed prematurely
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2000 21:04:10 GMT
Update on this problem:

I simplified the client to simply POST a line of text and the server to
simply echo it back. The results seem to be:

The client can open an outputstream to a servlet and write to it, but a
close() or even a flush()
causes the stream to be shut down and the server prints the stacktrace for
an IOException. If the 
stream is not flushed, however, the server proceeds without any input
whatsoever (contentlength = 0).

I tried this servlet on Jrun and WebSphere. Both work without a hitch.

I think this is starting to smell like a bug.


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From: William Brogden []
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2000 11:27 AM
Subject: Re: HANDLER THREAD PROBLEM: Stream closed prematurely

 Does your client close the stream that writes the request or
just flush it? I seem to recall having a problem similar to this
where the solution was to not close the client's output stream
until after the complete transaction.

Ritwick Dhar wrote:
> Hi,
> This problem is driving me nuts. I've tried debugging this, but nothing
> I was hoping someone on this list will have come accross this before.
> Case: I have a servlet (server) that accepts POST requests (content-type=
> application/x-ofx), and sends back a OFX response. I have another servlet
> (client), that opens a URL to the server, writes the request, and reads
> reponse. Simple.
> The problem is, the moment the client tries to call
> 'urlConn.getInputStream()' to get an inputstream from the server, I get
> (on the server console):
> HANDLER THREAD PROBLEM: Stream closed prematurely
> Stream closed prematurely
>         at java.lang.Throwable.<init>(Compiled Code)
>         at java.lang.Exception.<init>(Compiled Code)
>         at<init>(Compiled Code)
>         at
> iled Code)
>         at
> (Compiled Code)
>         at
>         at Code)
> What's really driving me up the wall is that this works perfectly fine
> Both WebSphere and JRun. Is this something particular to Tomcat??
> Thanks for all help
> Rit

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