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From Jim Rudnicki <>
Subject Re: sample/myapp help (tomcat + apache + servlet not working, at leas t not as I would expect it too)
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 04:24:06 GMT
This is a fairly typical problem.  Tomcat is not at fault, to get started,
run it standalone and your problems will go away, the <servlet-mapping>'s
will start working, your hair will grow back, etc., etc.

Apache is the source of your problem.  It needs to be told that
should be directed to the servlet engine.  When it sees
it can use a simple servlet/* to forward.  But without the "servlet" it does
not know.

My first advice is to dump the mappings.  All they do is save you from
typing 8 character when authoring html pages.  This is what I do.

Second advice is to manually add an entry to the Apache config file for
_each and every_ mapping.  I gave up on this approach real quickly.


----- Original Message ----- >
> The problem:
> Has anyone been able to build the sample app that is in the
> doc/appdev/sample directory?  I can not get the servlet to run with
> If I try and access http://localhost/myapp/hello I get a page not found.
> http://localhost:8080/myapp/hello works, as does
> http://localhost/myapp/servlet/HelloServlet although the image does not
> up correctly because it's looking in /myapp/servlet/images not
> which is understandable.  As far as I understand it you should be able to
> map /hello to /servlet/HelloServlet.  Is this not correct?  I'm hoping
> someone knows that one line that I have to put in tomcat-apache.conf to
> this work.

... etc ...

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