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From Pierre Métras <>
Subject Is it a normal behavior for session tracking?
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 15:01:11 GMT

I have a strange behavior with session tracking and I can't explain it. Is
it normal?

When I disable cookies on IE5.5 and start my application (tomcat 3.2b7 +
struts1.0) and ask for a first page, I observe the following behavior:

[1] First page displayed
The proposed cookie is JSESSIONID=9w07jwaxv1
When I look at the source of the page, the <struts:link> (which do automatic
session URL rewriting) used for a menu in the page encodes the cookie: <a

[2] Then I click on that link to go to aother simple JSP page
The proposed cookie is now JSESSIONID=3caoq0b0l1. Why tomcat tries another
session cookie, as it should have decoded the previous one from the URL? And
now, the links of the menu encode the new cookie instead of keeping the
previous session id:
<a href=";jsessionid=3caoq0b0l1?action=LanguageFR...

Has someone observed the same behavior or did I introduced a bug somewhere
in my application?

Pierre Métras

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