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From "Janet" <>
Subject Re: Is there Tomcat on HP-UX?
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 12:37:25 GMT
Thanks very much for the help all of you offered!

And I do study in a univsersity. Sorry for my wrong choice of the word
"school".  :-)

Best regards:
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Hi Janet,

I'm running tomcat3.1 on HP9000, HP-UX11.0 and it works fine.
For a learning tool, tomcat is perfect (production is getting there).

As other replies mentioned, tomcat contains a very simple
http server (written in java), so it can be run all by itself,
serving html, gif, etc. as well as jsp files.

All you need is:
(a) a full JDK (ie the compilers, tools, etc. as well as the runtimes)
(b) Tomcat itself

You might also want to install netbeans ( as
a development environment; it is pure java, so works fine on hp.

PS: How on earth does a *school* get hold of an HP9000??!
(or is this "school" in the american sense, ie a university??)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Janet []
> Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2000 3:57 AM
> To: tomcat
> Subject: Is there Tomcat on HP-UX?
> Hello everyone,
> I have Tomcat 3.1 on my linux box. And I have written a simple servlet
> running correctly on it. Now our school has got a HP9000. The OS is
> HP-UX11.0. Now I want to test my servlet on HP-UX, but there is no web
> server on it, let alone the servlet container. Is there Tomcat on HP-UX?
> Or
> where can I get a servlet container running with some web server on HP-UX,
> such as Apache? I just want to learn something, so I cannot buy the dear
> Weblogic server, etc.
> Any suggestion or advice is appreciated greately!
> Best regards:
> Janet

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