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From "Gabriel Ciuloaica" <>
Subject try to create a war file
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 10:04:07 GMT
I try to create a war file. My build.xml file is :
<project name="InternetPortal" basedir="c:\java_work\beta_ie\InternetPortal">
<target name="dist">
<war warfile="InternetPortal.war" webxml="c:\java_work\beta_ie\InternetPortal\web.xml">
  <fileset dir="c:\java_work\beta_ie\InternetPortal\files" />
  <lib dir="c:\java_work\beta_ie\InternetPortal\lib">
  <classes dir="c:\java_work\beta_ie\InternetPortal\classes" />

but I get the error:

Buildfile: c:\java_work\beta_ie\InternetPortal.xml
Project base dir set to: C:\java_work\beta_ie\InternetPortal
BUILD CONFIG ERROR: Could not create task of type: war because I can't find it in the list
of task class definitions

where need to configure for creating the war file ?

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