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From "John Bateman" <>
Subject Request for clarification - I.E. Tomcat mod_jk installed in Apache
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 19:33:39 GMT

I've installed the mod_jk module into Apache, everything 'seems' to work
fine. I've also configured a new App called "Servlets" just to test stuff.

When I issue

The server says "404 cannot find file" and the logs claim "Cannot find file

When I issue:

The Servlet runs fine.

Why would I need to put the module 'inside' apache, if I'm required to run
Tomcat as a process AND access my servlets on another port? Can I not just
run it all off Tomcat standalone? I understand that Apache is more
'configurable' and handles static content better, but, I don't understand
why I would add Tomcat into apache if I just access the same URL as I would
if it was stand alone. Could I not get the same results leaving NOTHING
extra inside Apache and referencing my Servlet files on the 8080 port (as
tomcat stand alone)?

Hope this wasn't too confusing.

John Bateman
Cyber World Group Inc.

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