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From "Mike Kobe" <>
Subject Re: Multipart stuff - inside JSP?
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 18:35:56 GMT

I was looking at the multipart request handler from oreilly,
(, is it possible to use the same class INSIDE jsp? I mean
in the declaration tags


        class MultipartRequest...


and then call it from there? This is giving me a hell lot of problems.
First, all the IMPORT tags in the class were giving me a problem, so I
removed all those, but now it gives me a problem with the "Hashtable" from
java.util.*, so I removed all of that, and the reference to all "Vectors"..

Now it doesnt work! ALways gives me the "premature ending" IOException..

Please help! Is there something that I cannot do inside the JSP declaration
tags? How to go around this?


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