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From Rachel Greenham <>
Subject Re: Servlet invoker woes - servlet-mapping /servlets/* to invoker fails on 3.2
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 11:10:03 GMT
On Monday 20 November 2000 19:16, you wrote:

> As I have written several times before, there is *no* standard for the
> invoker service (/servlet/* or /servlets/*).  It is *not* part of the
> servlet specification

Well, this was essentially my original question - I missed your earlier 
pronouncements on the matter - I joined the list specifically to ask the 
question after an answer didn't come up on searching the archives.

> What *is* in the standard is the servlet mappings that are defined in the
> 2.2 specification, which you can download at
> <>.  This is the only
> thing you can count on being portable.

That's what I reckoned; I've been poring over the specification. We *are* 
going over to using servlet aliases - we're just going to write up something 
that auto-generates our WEB-INF/web.xml. We're already auto-generating our 
.tld files.


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