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From "John Sokel" <>
Subject JSP Always compile
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 19:39:27 GMT
Need help with my JSPs compiling over and over again.  I run the JSP examples that come with
tomcat, and when you load the page the first time the JSP compiles and takes a little while
to load.  Every time after that, it loads the class from the work folder and it is much faster.

However, when I put in my jsp pages, the pages compile every single time.  I cannot seem to
figure out why.  I look at the work folder, and it keeps creating new .java files and recreating
the .class file. So my directory looks like:

A new file is created for each request and recompiled, rather than using the existing class.
 I can not figure out what is different from my pages and the example pages.  Any ideas.

I'm running on RH Linux 6.2 with Apache.


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