I know that lot of people will say look though the FAQs and other documentations, but it is more clearly geared to standalone single domain setup for the Apache/Tomcat Setup.  Under the JServ, it is quite simple to setup individual settings for the Servlets Containers for virtual hosts, but under Tomcat, with the mod_jk, I am lost.
    It is hard enough trying to go though the web.xml and others and the directory setup to figure it out.  It seems sort of okay for the single domain setup, but what about the virtual hosts?
    I want to intregrate it into the Apache Server with the Virtual hosts, but lot of people are asking for the JSP and Servlets and I cannot provide those unless I get some clear understanding on how to make it work.
    Let say, I have couple of virtual hosts, and they want the Servlets and JSP Support enabled.  So... I usually set up a directory called servlet or java for them to put their stuff under it.  How do I setup it up so that it is served in simple basic way regarding with all of those files that is provided.  I usually considered myself smart, but with this new change, it left me slumped here.
    I have Tomcat 3.2 running with IBM Java2-13 and it works with the examples and such if you are asking if I have it working.  So...the next step is this:  How do I setup the individual environments for the Virtual Hosts using the mod_jk Module and such, with say, the mount point /java or /servlet for example to have them put their JSP and Sevlets under it.
    I appreciate it if someone actually writes a very clear setup on this area from the beginning to the start with real life examples instead of one complicated example with so much technical details stewed all around.  It is helpful if it is concise and simple so that we all can start understand how it works and then work from there up wards to advanced understanding.
    Thanks guys.  And please..do not yell... Look at the FAQs and such, since I already looked and it is not very clear.  I hope people can understand that.

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Russell "Elik" Rademacher
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