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From Jason Rumney <>
Subject Re: Damsel in distress
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 14:34:16 GMT
Marcia Perry (DSD staff) <> writes:

> Hi,
> On solaris 2.7 w/ gcc v2.95.1 and perl v5.004_01, I'm trying to
> get tomcat v1.3 to work w/ apache 1.3.12.  After reading FAQs,
> man pages, docs, and everything I found so far, I've tried=20
> various ways to build, with no luck.  So if someone
> can help me, I'll not only be stoked but I'll write up a FAQ
> and share the wisdom.  I tried a bunch of things, which follows,
> so it is clear what I've done.

When I built mod_jserv on Solaris 2.6, I found I had to go back and
rebuild Apache using the Sun compiler (CC=cc; export CC), as gcc
(2.8.1 in my case) was not working.

There are sufficient differences in our environments that I would not
expect my experience to be relevant, but it may be worth trying if you
are still banging your head against a wall once you have exhausted all
other avenues.

Jason Rumney <>
AT&T Labs (Redditch, UK)

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