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From Dave Harms <>
Subject Re: significance of root context
Date Sat, 14 Oct 2000 10:34:01 GMT

> I am not able to understand the significance of root context .. Do i
> really need it if i have all the jsp's and servlets under a directory or
> a context
If you mean the root web app, it exists because any JSP or servlet has to 
exist in a web app. If you like you can think of the ROOT web app as the 
default web app. If you will absolutely never reference any URLs except 
those in another web app you can dispense with ROOT, but attempts to 
access any files outside your web apps will probably result in lengthy 
delays while the browser waits for a response, since none is returned by 
the server (at least in my tests). You're better off with an empty ROOT 
web app, I think. 


Dave Harms

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