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From Johan Isacsson <>
Subject Is JSP suitable for high traffic sites?
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2000 23:38:37 GMT

I've just started looking at the JSP techology and i would like to find
out if it's a good alternative to PHP. Our main problem today is the
scalability, We have alot of dynamics in our sites and we a re getting
quite much traffic. So on to my questions:

Is JSP (Tomcat engine) a scalable solution and is it suitable for high
traffic sites?

How does it compare to PHP regarding theese issues?

Is anyone using it with MySQL and have more than 150 connections, and if
so, do you use some kind of pooling technique? Does it work well/is it

As i mentioned before we run PHP with MySQL today and we're having a hard
time to scale it. We have about 10 dedicated Web/DB machines (2x800 
MHz, 1 G RAM) running our sites and we need to get more soon. We
have about 13 million pageloads a day (about 120 million hits) That's why
i'm looking at alternatives such as JSP. I'd love to get some comments 
from people that have migrated from PHP (if there are any) :)

Johan Isacsson

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