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From Robert Watkins <>
Subject tomcat + apache w. mod_jk: tomcat standalone fine, but ...
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2000 03:01:36 GMT
I am trying to integrate tomcat with apache, using mod_jk instead of
mod_jserv, but am having no luck.

Linux 2.2.14-15mdk #1 Tue Jan 4 22:24:20 CET 2000 i586


The tomcat-mod package very kindly installed mod_jk.conf and in /etc/httpd/conf, and added the appropriate lines to
httpd.conf (loading, adding mod_jk.c and including mod_jk.conf).
I did have to edit because the jvm library it was
looking for was a dll, so I changes it to look for under my

Tomcat works without difficulty as a stand-alone on port 8080, but I can't
get tomcat to work with apache. I have tried changing the starting order
(tomcat then apache, apache then tomcat) but nothing seems to work. I
know that mod_jk.conf is being loaded because the aliases work, and all
the appropriate JkMount lines are there, but when I try to run a jsp
page, I only get the source returned as plain text. And when I try to
run one of the servlet tests, I get a 404 not found. In case anyone is
interested, the output of test script for tomcat + apache can be viewed

Any help would be appreciated.

-- Robert

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