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From "G.C. Miller" <>
Subject Session Info Sharing
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2000 18:19:03 GMT
Is it possible to set up a cluster of web servers and have a users
session shared between them all.  For example if a user first logs into
webserver1 and stores some information in a session on that machine will
he be able to later go to webserver2 containing identical web pages and
still have his previous session information.

If so, is this because all of the session information is actually
contained in the client software instead of the server software, or do the
servers communicate with each other.

If the webservers in the cluster communicate with each other how do you
set that up?

If the session data is stored in the client using cookies than that means
that the cookie max size limits the amount info to be stored in a session.

Any information or suggestions on this subject would be most helpful.

G.C. Miller
Senior Software Engineer
Commission Junction

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