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From Duane Gran <>
Subject Re: JSP location question
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2000 19:58:23 GMT
Just a quick update... I'm actually not having an error or failure as I
describe below.  Aplogies for the confusion.  My question is actually more
along the lines if this is a good practice with my setup so far.


On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Duane Gran wrote:

>I am having a little problem getting JSP files to execute in a somewhat
>arbitrary location.  I'm using Tomcat 3.2b6 and the problem is slightly
>related to integrating Apache and Tomcat so that they have a similar
>DocumentRoot and root context.
>In a nuthsell, I would like to be able to pull up http://<host>/file.jsp
>where file.jsp exists in the webapps directory.  In tandem, I would like
>the webapps directory to be the DocumentRoot, which I have setup with no
>I have the following context defined which I expected to do the trick:
>  <Context path=""
>    docBase="/usr/local/apache/sites/"
>    debug="9"
>    reloadable="true" >
>  </Context>
>When I pull up a JSP in the webapps directory (snoop.jsp) I get a 404
>error and the following debugging output:
>2000-10-16 03:45:12 - Ctx( ): Get real path /snoop.jsp
>The ultimate goal is to be able to have JSP, PHP and static html files in
>webapps and to have Servlet class files under the webapps/servlets
>directory.  Is this sort of integration possible or practical?  If I'm
>going about this in a less than ideal way, I would be glad to hear from
>others who may be trying similar things.
>Duane Gran

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