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From Joe Laffey <>
Subject Mapping plain "/servlet"
Date Sun, 15 Oct 2000 21:34:37 GMT
I am new to Tomcat, but have used JServ for a while now. I would like to
server my servlets out of "/servlet" so
"http://host.domain/servlet/servletName" would execute "servletName" in a
directory I define (like a repository in JServ). I seem to be able to get
things like "/examples/servlet/*" to work or even my own
"/joe/servlet/*" However I need "/servlet/*" for compatibility with legacy

I thought that I could do somethng like this, but it did not work. It is
as if some other file is overriding this.

Alias /servlets /home/httpd/servlets

ApJServMount /servlet /servlets

Note that my Tomcat home is at /home/tomcat and my docroot it at
/home/httpd. I want to put all of my servlets into /home/httpd/servlets.

Any ideas?

Also, I would like to have ANY "*.jsp" file anywhere execute as a JSP as I
was able to do before with GNUJSP. Right now Tomcat seems to look only in
the webapps/ROOT directory of its own distribution.

I am very confused about where Tomcat looks to get these two
configurations. The Faq seems to be broken at the moment, but I would be
happy to read a FAQ or docs if someone could please direct me to the right

Joe Laffey
LAFFEY Computer Imaging
St. Louis, MO
With no walls or fences on the Internet, who needs Windows or Gates?

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