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From kenneth topp <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4 problems (with JDK1.3 and some dtd)
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 23:27:47 GMT

On Fri, 6 Oct 2000, Proetel, Ingo wrote:

> Hi,
> I just tried to use Tomcat 4 but I ran into two problems:
> 1. I'm using it on jdk1.3 and it kept complaining that it did not find
> I found out that sun renamed the package to
> Is there a better way to fix this than just putting a jdk1.2.2 tools.jar
> into the classpath ?

checking two 1.3.0 jdk's for linux show Perhaps
your classpath is being reset somewhere?
$ unzip -l /opt/jdk/Sun-1.3.0FCS/lib/tools.jar | grep javac | grep Main
    13088  09-18-00 18:12   sun/tools/javac/Main.class
      533  09-18-00 18:14   com/sun/tools/javac/Main.class
     7571  09-18-00 18:14   com/sun/tools/javac/v8/Main.class

$ unzip -l /opt/jdk/IBM-1.3.0/lib/tools.jar | grep javac | grep Main
    13437  08-15-00 02:31   sun/tools/javac/Main.class
     7620  08-15-00 02:31   com/sun/tools/javac/v8/Main.class
      533  08-15-00 02:31   com/sun/tools/javac/Main.class

> 2. While parsing some xml files (actually one of the web.xml files that come
> with tomcat) it says that it can not find
> I confirmed this and found
> that exists. Is it save to
> change this link in the web.xml paths ?

reading this posting:

It would seem that you shouldn't have this problem anymore.  In any case,
you should be able to cut and pase a 2.3 dtd and put it somewhere
friendly (like on your webserver).

On a related note, I'm completely lost with tomcat's cvs.  Could someone
clue me in to which branches are active?  I see like ten branches, and on:

I cannot make heads or tails of it?  I'm looking for something like:

 branch name/ tomcat version/ dependent packages / dependent pacakges versions

This would indeed make things more friendly for people to jump into the
source (at least it would be for me).


Kenneth Topp

> Thanks
> ingo

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