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Subject Re: JavaBean at JSP
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 12:17:15 GMT

Hi Kurt,

thank you (and Gorazd Bozic) very much for your explanation, now I
understand it! (I hope).

I think, I will use this idea (for example):

1) to have the only (!) context defined at server.xml (/usr/adissys/pok_JSP
), because I do not want to change server.xml often (!);
2) to have more subdirectories under docBase (that is SA, SB, SC, SD, ...
under directory /usr/adissys/pok_JSP);
3) to have various JSP pages at these subdirectories (SA/mestoA.jsp,
SB/mestoB.jsp, ...);
4) to have WEB-INF\classes\mesto (with JavaBeans for JSP pages) under
5) to call these JSP pages so:
     5a) http://intax5:8080/pok_JSP/SA/mestoA.jsp;
     5b) http://intax5:8080/pok_JSP/SB/mestoB.jsp;
     5c) http://intax5:8080/pok_JSP/SC/mestoC.jsp;

     Have a nice day.

          Mirek Subrt

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> I want to have my JSP page mesto.jsp at some directory and my JavaBean
> Mesto.class at directory under it (at WEB-INF/classes/mesto). Is this my
> demand not standard? That is, must I to have JSP page and JavaBean at the
> same directory? Or must I define context (at server.xml) for any
> subdirectory, where I want to place my JSP pages?

> server.xml:
> **********
> <Context path="/pok_JSP"
>          docBase="/usr/adissys/pok_JSP"
>          debug="9"
>          reloadable="true" >
> </Context>

Well, the WEB-INF directory always has to be in the docBase directory you
specify for your context, as the classes and libraries in it are shared by
whole context (which would be "/pok_JSP" in your case). It might be
to do what you want by using

<Context path="/pok_JSP/SB/vzor"
         reloadable="true" >

but I (anyone?) haven't ever tried this...

Hope this helps. :)

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