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From "Jack Gavigan" <>
Subject "On Holiday" automatic replies & READ ME TO FIND OUT HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 10:42:32 GMT wrote:
>pls switch off your ugly function, no one like to see your useless messages,
>if you want to respect other people, pls select other better way to do it.

Well, considering he's obviously gone on holiday, there's not much point in asking him to
switch off the autoreply. And there's especially not much point in mailing the entire list
about it.

I've emailed his colleagues, his company's postmaster and the list owner to point out this
problem. I'm sure it will get resolved soon (although we may have to put up with it until
tomorrow, seeing as it's 7:40pm down under right now). In the meantime, everyone should just
ignore it instead of exacerbating the problem by sending whinging emails to the list, which
will only generate even more automatic replies.

And, before we start getting the usual deluge of "I can't unsubscribe" messages:

To remove your address from the list, send a message to:

If you're having problems, try sending email to <>
(where your email address is

Jack Gavigan


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