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Subject JavaBean at JSP
Date Mon, 23 Oct 2000 07:46:10 GMT
Helow Tomcat-friends!

Can somebody help me with the problem of unfinded JavaBean class?

I use an JavaBean Mesto (that means "city" in czech language) at JSP page
(under Tomcat 3.2 beta 6):

<jsp:useBean id="mes" class="Mesto" scope="page"/> .

Note: this JavaBean has no package directive inside

When I had installed Tomcat under Windows 95 (and JDK 1.2.2), all worked
well, but when I had installed Tomcat under unix (AIX 4.1 and JDK 1.1.8),
my JSP page displays error, that it cannot find my JavaBean class Mesto.

1) Displayed error
Error: 500
Location: /pok_JSP/SB/vzor/mesto.jsp
Internal Servlet Error:
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to load class Mesto
Root cause:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Unable to load class Mesto

2) Location of my JSP page mesto.jsp

My JSP page mesto.jsp is at directory /usr/adissys/pok_JSP/SB/vzor. This
directory has (!) subdirectory WEB-INF/classes, where I have JavaBean

3) Calling of my JSP page mesto.jsp from Internet Explorer 5.0

I call my JSP page mesto.jsp with HTTP address

4) Defining of context /pok_JSP at server.xml

My context /pok_JSP is defined (at server.xml) correctly (I hope):

<Context path="/pok_JSP"
         reloadable="true" >

5) JavaBean class
The class is this:

public class Mesto implements Cloneable {
   int     id_mes;
   String  naz_mes;
   public void   setId_mes  (int id_mes)     { this.id_mes = id_mes; }
   public int    getId_mes  ()               { return id_mes; }
   public void   setNaz_mes (String naz_mes) { this.naz_mes = naz_mes; }
   public String getNaz_mes ()               { return naz_mes; }
   public        Mesto      ()               {}
   public        Mesto      (int id_mes,
                             String naz_mes) { this.id_mes  = id_mes;
                                               this.naz_mes = naz_mes; }
   protected Object clone ()
     throws CloneNotSupportedException       { return super.clone(); }

6) Possible cause of problem

Is possible, that this problem is caused by absence of package directive at
But, I repeat, when I tested the same mesto.jsp (and the same
under Windows 95 + JDK 1.2.2, all worked very nice! I do not want to have
package here, but if i will be necessary, I would be accept that fact, of

I think, that Mesto.class must be find, when Mesto class is located at
subdirectory WEB-INF/classes under directory pok_JSP. The text
"ContextManager: Adding context Ctx( /pok_JSP )" was displayed during
started of Tomcat (I think, it is correct).

Thank you for your any sugestions!

     Mirek Subrt

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