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From "Thom Park" <>
Subject RE: contextAdmin vs. servlet.xml question
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 18:58:29 GMT
Thanks for the comments - I still am not clear on the following:

1. Does Tomcat *ever* overwrite the server.xml file?

 If I add a context progammatically using the contextAdmin servlet how do I
ensure that that the webapp is preserver beyond reboot of the Tomcat server.
Empyrical testing has shown me that it does not and that the only way I can
reliably add a web app to Tomcat is by editing the server.xml file.

The does bode the question of what is the point of contextAdmin? I'm not
using apache,iis or netscape and I really need to be able to place my
webapps in a directory other than %TOMCAT_HOME%\webapps

If I can be assured that the server.xml doesn't get changed on the fly, then
I can happily manage contexts buy adding them to server.xml - if not, then
I'm not sure how to go about it!

Any suggestions?



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Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2000 7:43 AM
Subject: Re: contextAdmin vs. servlet.xml question

I have the same problem but will little variation. I use tomcat 3.1 on a
redhat linux with Apache. I edit the server.xml tile to create a context
which is not under the tomcat directory  tree. When I start tomcat, a new
tomcat-apache.conf is recreated but this time the Alias for my web app is
pointing a directory underneath tomcat directory structure.
I manually edit the generated tomcat-apache.conf to fix the Alias to point
to the correct path and then restart Apache. But this is not the permanent

Few other people posted( See my post dated 10/16 subject: setting up a web
application in Tomcat under my home directory instead in the tomcat
hierarychy ) on the same issue but I didn't see any definitive relpy to
solve this problem.

Dharani R

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