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From "Kent" <>
Subject RE: WEB-INF/lib
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2000 17:00:48 GMT
Yes, this is a known problem.

         |-----Original Message-----
         |From: Jakarta Tomcat []
         |Sent: October 13, 2000 9:52 AM
         |Subject: WEB-INF/lib
         | When I pub JAR files under webapps<my-app>/WEB-INF/lib
         | the JAR files are read on startup (I know that because if I put
         | an invalid JAR file there, I get an Exception when TOMCAT loads)
         | but at run time, when I need to load a class from those JARs,
         | I get a class not found exception. Is this a know problem? The
         | work around I found was to include the JAR from /WEB-INF/lib
         | in the CLASSPATH used to start TOMCAT.
         | I'm using TOMCAT 3.1 on Solaris using JDK1.1.8
         | Thanks.
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