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From Ralph Einfeldt <>
Subject AW: Re: Can not retrieve Object stored from servlet into session
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 12:28:49 GMT
- your bean should be part of a package
  Although I did't see anything like this in the spec
  it's at least a good practice, and the JSP engines I
  known (tomcat and gnujsp) seem to expect/enforce this.
  (If someone can point me to the part of the spec
   where this is specified, he's wellcome)
- place your bean according to the package
- you should not use import for the usebean tag. (see below)
- use the complete class name in Class attribute
  of usebean

  According to the spec class must be the fully 
  qualified name. (JSP 1.1 final, 2.13.1)
  That import and use bean without a full qualified
  class name works under tomcat is an error in my opinion

> -----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Ramaekers []
> Gesendet: Dienstag, 17. Oktober 2000 15:11
> An:
> Betreff: Re: Re: Can not retrieve Object stored from servlet into
> session 
> The User object was not in a package, i've put it in a 
> package and added your import statement and it works !
> > You still have to import the file in the JSP to find User 
> > even if it is in the classes folder.
> > So do this at the beginning of the .jsp file:
> > <%@ page session="true" import="<package>.User"%>

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