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From Andrew Jarman <>
Subject Sending compressed XML to XMLHTTP object in IE5
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 16:57:10 GMT
I know this is a little off topic, but I think it may be of interest to
many developers...

I have a servlet that generates XML.  We also have a web application
that runs in the IE 5.x and later browsers, which use the XMLHTTP
ActiveX object to do POST operations to send and receive the XML.

The volume of XML being returned is significant, but fortunately it
compresses very well using GZIP.  I have the servlet detecting gzip
content-encoding, and it creates the GZIPOutputStream correctly when you
do a simple GET or form POST operation.

However, when the XMLHTTP object tries to do the POST operation, the
headers do not indicate it supports gzip (and sending gzip anyway
results in gibberish).  

Does anyone out there use GZIP compression (or any other compression for
that matter) when talking to IE 5 browsers using the XMLHTTP object?  My
goal is to have a solution that does not require the user to download
any additional ActiveX controls other that what ships with IE 5 already.

Thanks in advance,

   Andrew Jarman, BSc. Comp Eng, P.Eng, System Infrastructure Manager 


   Exceedia, Inc.  
      direct tel:780.699.5803   tel:780.413.1521   fax:780.413.0474 

      Exceedia - the single authoritative source of 
      operational data for your enterprise and partners 
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