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From "Harding, David" <>
Subject Re: trying to make a custom jsp tag
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 17:18:35 GMT
on 10/17/00 1:06 PM, Scott Jones at wrote:

> Hi David,
> You can put your TLD files anwhere -- I put mine in WEB-INF/tlds/
> Then, you register the TLD in web.xml:
> <taglib>
> <taglib-uri>
> </taglib-uri>
> <taglib-location>
> /WEB-INF/tlds/database.tld
> </taglib-location>
> </taglib>

great, how did you determine the /taglib/database part? taglib a context?
> That should do it... :)  It took me a while to get it going, but it was well
> worth it.  I ended up figuring it out by looking at the sample code in
> webapps/examples/jsp/simpletag.  Take a look at that, and it's associated
> web.xml file if you get stuck (the taglib for that example is in
> WEB-INF/jsp).  Good luck!

i put a tld in WEB-INF/jsp/ and it did not get picked up by the build
script...of course if i put it in web/bleh.tld it gets picked up, but that
is rather ugly. (i can always copy the file to the correct deployed
location, but i do not want to have to do that)

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