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From "Harding, David" <>
Subject Re: Odd problem with MySQL + mm.mysql.jdbc1.2 + tomcat3.1
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 18:02:14 GMT
to further complicate things....

i just wrote a little servlet that has a doGet() that simply takes a query
parameter (ala ?name=value on url) that is a number and then regurgitates
that value to the user by means of:

    out.println("number is: " + Integer.parseInt(num));
    // num is from a getParameter("num") call

i get the same NumberFormatException error as with my previous examples....
BUT the output on the web browser is correct!  (ie:  if you pass 23 as the
num then you get "number is: 23" as your output)...


   david j harding

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