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From "Koss, Loren" <>
Subject Please point me in the right direction..
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2000 18:51:31 GMT
I've read the documentation on the page and have looked
at the servlet API and JSP stuff, but I am still a little weary on exactly
how to START an application..  I've used Enhydra before and it had a real
nice app that created your directory structure and framework for you..  It
looks like that doesn't exist here.  So.. I think I understand what to do..
But, looking at the examples, I don't see exactly what it seems to say in
the docs..  Like for example, I thought you needed a build.xml for each
application..  That doesn't appear to be the case..  Can someone point me in
the right direction?


Loren Koss
Senior Software Engineer
Massive Media Group
310 586-3409

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