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From (Nick Holloway)
Subject Re: java.awt package
Date Mon, 23 Oct 2000 17:15:54 GMT (Leon Palermo) writes:
> I have some server-side imaging classes that don't seem to find the java.awt
> package through tomcat.  I even manually added the class files from the
> java.awt package into my webapp's classes folder and I still get a
> NoClassDefFound error.  Is this a 'feature' of tomcat to ignore the java.awt
> package for speed purposes?  Thanks in advance.

I am successfully using java.awt classes with JDK 1.3 on both NT and
Solaris under Tomcat 3.1.

The problem I did have under Solaris is that you need to have an X server
running to be able to use Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().createImage().

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