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From (Nick Holloway)
Subject Re: Does Tomcat 3.1 (win32) support JSP XML Tag
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 12:18:32 GMT (t ttt) writes:
> I can't make the following JSP work in Tomcat 3.1
> <jsp:expression>123</jsp:expression>

The XML representation is an alternative to the "standard syntax" JSP.
The two can not be mixed.  So you can have "<jsp:include>" as this is
part of the JSP syntax, but not "<jsp:expression>", as this is what
"<%=...%>" is transformed into.

It is only containers that implement JSP 1.2 that would accept the pure
XML format, and Tomcat 3.1 implements JSP 1.1.

This is clearer if you read the public draft of the JSP 1.2 specification.

    All JSP pages have an equivalent XML document. This equivalent XML
    document is the view of the JSP page that is exposed to the translation
    phase (see below).

    A JSP page can also be written directly as its equivalent XML document.
    Unlike in JSP 1.0 and JSP 1.1 containers, the XML document itself can
    be delivered to a JSP container for processing.

    It is not valid to intermix "standard syntax" and XML syntax inside
    the same source file.

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