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Subject Issue running Tomcat as svc
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2000 23:47:26 GMT
Trying to run Tomcat as a service using a tool I found on the e-mail list
archive.  The tools exe is named jk_nt_service.exe.  The problem I'm having
is that my classpaths aren't loading correctly when I run Tomcat as a
service.  I tried two different things on the file.  The
first was to keep adding lines:
etc etc
The service is created, and it runs ok, but I get noclassdef errors when a
servlet tries to run.  Normally, I start Tomcat using the startup.bat file
that it comes with.  I have my classpath set correctly as an NT environment
variable, and all works fine that way.  Do I need to modify the bottom line
of the file?  If so, what exactly would I need to do to
it?  Also, how do I delete services that I no longer want (every attempt I
make at changing the wrapper configuration, I end up with another service
name)?  Thanks in advance for any help on this!

Jeff Nibler

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