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From Jeff Klein <>
Subject RE: restart after compiling session/application-scoped beans?
Date Sat, 28 Oct 2000 00:42:20 GMT
I've had the same trouble... I believe its an IllegalStateException, right?.
Anyway, I have come to live with it as I think it is just a fact of life
(anyone else, please correct me if I'm wrong!). You need to bounce tomcat to
release refs to the old beans, and make it load your new beans.  Can you
open a telnet session to your tomcat machine back to your local PC, so that
you can bounce it remotely?


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From: freakazoid []
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2000 3:53 PM
Subject: restart after compiling session/application-scoped beans?

hi, i'm pretty new to apache/tomcat, so i'm experiencing
heavy troubles... :)

the most important problem is: i use jsp with session/application-scoped

beans and everytime i recompile the java source code of the beans'
i have to restart tomcat cause if i won't, i'm getting error "500

i've found out that the cause of the problem is, if i recompile a bean
is loaded into tomcat with scope application, this bean is no longer
same for session scoped beans, if i recompile, all active session become


while i'm developing the project, i have to recompile the main classes
every two or three hours, restarting tomcat every time really sucks,
the server on which tomcat runs is in another room than my pc...

is there a easy solution for this problem? mhm, maybe i'm making a
logical mistake and there is NO solution...

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