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From Alistair Hopkins <>
Subject Performance degradation
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 09:19:06 GMT
I've been seeing some strange performance nastiness in my app, and now
have an idea why.&nbsp; Can anyone tell me if it makes sense?<br>
After a period of uptime, the response slows by a factor of a lot
This only seems to be happening since starting load testing, which we're
doing by getting head requests (slow link, no choice).<br>
In the servlets, we were using the service method, not doHead and
My guess is that Apache is doing the sensible thing with the Head
request, and getting the headers from Tomcat then stopping, but that
Tomcat is holding the connection open while trying to flush the body of
the message.<br>
I seem to have mended it by doing doGet and doPost explicitly, and
calling doGet from doPost to ensure they are handled the same.<br>
I can't find where in the Tomcat source this gets handled.&nbsp; Pointers
Thanks, Alistair<br>
<tt>Tomcat 3.1, Apache 1.3.12, mod_jserv<br>

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